Streams & Waterfalls

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Streams and waterfalls are great complement to any pond from both aesthetic and ecosystem point of view. They add visual and sound appeal to any outdoor space and also deliver plenty of oxygen to fish and plants in the pond. Streams and waterfalls construction require experience, good craftsmanship and an eye for design. Adding a stream between the waterfall and the pond costs $100 per linear foot. When building streams and waterfalls we consider many things:

  • Can you see the stream or waterfall from your home or patio? What’s the point of building a stream or a waterfall in the part of the property that nobody sees most of the time?
  • How long is the stream? Does it run under trees or not? Will it be evaporating too much water if too long and exposed directly to the sun?
  • What’s the elevation change? Different pumps are used for different purposes, e.g. overcoming elevation, high gallon volume per minute or both.
  • What combination of stones will look natural in our area? For example, designs interweaving Delaware River Stone and Pennsylvania Mountain Stone look great while reddish slates typical for the southwest look out of place (and yet, many use them).
  • Will lighting be used in the stream? If you like to spend summer evenings in you backyard the ambient, deflected light in streams and behind waterfalls creates cozy, upscale atmosphere you usually find in five star resorts.