Rainwater Harvesting

We service Maryland, District of Columbia, and Northern VA

Rain Change pondsRainwater harvesting is both rewarding and responsible. Rewarding because it allows you to water plants, wash the car, and even wash clothes and flush the toilet without using drinking water and responsible because it reduces stormwater runoff and protects the environment.

We are certified RainXchange professionals and can build rainwater harvesting system that fits your needs and is appropriate for our region annual rainfall. The RainXchange systems require minimum maintenance and start at 500 gallon installation.

In a nutshell, the RainXchange system is an “invisible” water storage in your yard on top of which resides a beautiful pondless waterfall or a decorative, natural stone fountain.

What can you do with the harvested rainwater?

  • Wash the car (50 gallons on average)
  • Water the lawn
  • Use it for washing or toilet tanks
  • Start a veggie or rain garden
  • Obtain points towards LEED certification
  • Use it in backyard water features such as pondless waterfall or natural stone fountain

Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff consists of the excess water that runs off of impervious surfaces such as roof, roads patios and even grass loans. These surfaces prevent water from infiltrating back into the soil; instead the water goes to the street storm water drains. Water treatment plants are often over capacity during heavy rains and let untreated water into the Chesapeake Bay. Stormwater runoff is #1 cause of coastal pollution and a threat to water quality.

Rainwater Harvesting