Atlantic Ponds is a company specialized in design, construction and maintenance of backyard ponds, water features, and rainwater harvesting systems. When building a pond we are guided by three objectives:

  • Bring the sight and sound of nature to your backyard and keep you outdoors longer
  • Create harmony with the local flora and fauna
  • Increase the value of your home

Pond Cleaning

Weather-permitting we clean ponds year-round. We offer competitive pricing: basic pond cleaning starts at $500 and includes filter cleaning, debris and algae removal. Filters and skimmer cleaning only is $200 regardless of the size.

The typical pond cleaning involves removal of fish and water plants, draining the water, cleaning filters, power washing, rinsing the stonework and/or liner, re-homing the fish and water plants and treating the water (unless it’s a well water) with dechlorinator. Read More

New Ponds Design and Construction

Tell us how you envision your backyard pond and water features and we’ll design and build it for you. We can advise you on appropriate plants, fish and stone and can give you ideas for impactful lighting or how to blend it with the rest of your landscape.

We work with premium pond liners, pumps and stone and take pride in the quality and aesthetics of our work. Upon completion of the project most clients share that their backyard ponds and waterfalls look even better than how they envisioned it. At the end of the day your pond is our best asset – most new orders are from neighbors or friends who were awed by it. New Ponds Pricing

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is both rewarding and responsible. Rewarding because it allows you to water plants, wash the car, and even wash clothes and flush the toilet without using drinking water and responsible because it reduces stormwater runoff and protects the environment.

We are certified RainXchange professionals and can build rainwater harvesting system that fits your needs and is appropriate for our region annual rainfall. The RainXchange systems require minimum maintenance and start at around $4800 for the smallest 500 gallon installation depending on the landscape and the features requested. Read More.

Streams & Waterfalls

Streams and waterfalls are great complement to any pond from both aesthetical and ecosystem point of view. They add visual and sound appeal to any outdoor space and also deliver plenty of oxygen to fish and plants in the pond. Streams and waterfalls construction require experience, good craftsmanship and an eye for design. When building streams and waterfalls we consider many things such as: Can you see the stream or waterfall from your home or patio? What’s the point of building a stream or a waterfall in the part of the property that nobody sees most of the time? Read More.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls and streams are the perfect solution for people who only want to enjoy the sight and sound of water but do not want the maintenance associated with having a pond with wildlife in it. They are also a very good solution for small spaces or communities with specific landscape codes such as Columbia, MD.

Pondless waterfalls are in essence waterfalls that vanish into the ground or go into a stream that vanishes into the ground. The vanishing water “magic” is achieved by digging a hole which is then lined with liner and rocks, and filled with water.  Read More.