Estimates & Service Calls

Estimate is free and we’d be happy to give you a ballpark estimate based on images and description but we must visit you to give you an accurate estimate. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to request a rough estimate. There are factors such as slope grade, utility lines, water discharge options, access to water and electricity that we need to consider when suggesting the best options for your water feature. Additionally, by visiting you onsite we often can make suggestions based on years of experience with other clients.
Service call is $200 for the 1st hour and $75/hr thereafter.

New Ponds Pricing

The approximate pond construction prices in the table below include labor, transportation and materials – stone, liner, underlayment, pond pump (Aquascape, Savio, Teton, or PondMaster), skimmer, filter box, etc. What is not included are fish and aquatic plants but they typically do not affect the price significantly. Adding a stream between the waterfall and the pond costs $80 per foot.

Pond Size

Average Pond Price

Time to Build

4′ x 6′ $6,000 (+/- $500) 3-5 days
7′ x 9′ $7,500 (+/- $500) 4-5 days
11′ x 11′ $11,000 (+/- $1000) 4-6 days
11′ x 16′ $15,500 (+/- $1000) 5-7 days
16′ x 21′ $17,500 (+/- $1500) 7-9 days
26′ x 26′ $22,000 (+/- $3000) up to two weeks

Pond Cleaning

Basic pond cleaning starts at $750. Skimmer and BioFalls cleaning only (includes cleaning the pump, filter mats, Bioballs) is $200 regardless of the size.

Schedule an estimate or service

Pphone: 301 755-4995
Address: 6172 Wooded Run, Columbia, MD 21044