We offer competitive pricing on pond cleaning and maintenance.

Basic pond cleaning starts at $800 and includes filter cleaning as well as debris and algae removal.

In addition, during the cleaning we can repair lighting and stonework or add new features, aquatic plants, and fish (gold or koi). We recommend cleaning your pond twice per year: in the spring or early summer and in the fall when we will also install a net to prevent leaves from falling in in the pond. When scheduling pond cleaning, remember that you don’t need to be present (unless you want to) as long as we have access to water and electricity.

The typical pond cleaning steps are:

  1. Remove fish in an aerated, fish-safe tank(s)
  2. Remove and trim plants
  3. Drain the pond and retain between 500 and 1,000 gallons for rehoming fish and plants.
  4. Clean the pond from debris and algae
  5. Power-wash stonework
  6. Clean filters, skimmers, pump(s)
  7. Return the retained water (if clean) and top off with tap or well water, treat the water with de-chlorinator*
  8. Re-home fish and plants

*If your home is on well water, we take staged approach to refilling it so we will not completely deplete your well (if you are on well water you should consider a rainwater harvesting feature to use as gray water).

To get a free cleaning estimate use this contact form and:

  • Attach pictures of the pond
  • Include details about the type and rough number of fish you have
  • List the last time the pond was cleaned
  • Schedule the service for date and time convenient for you

Make sure we have access to water and outdoor power outlet.

Before Pond CleaningAfter Pond Cleaning

Should I winterize my pond?

No, you shouldn’t. We recommend that you keep your pond running year-round. Maryland, DC, and Virginia span hardiness zones 5-8 and we typically do not experience the type of winter that would require you to shut off and remove the pump and install de-icer and aerator. You should, however, install a net as part of the fall cleaning service because we’re fortunate to live in region with plenty of foliage.