What are the Benefits of a Fountain or Aerator?

Whether you maintain a water feature in a commercial space such as a golf course or a water park or have a large lake on your property, your water can benefit from the installation of a fountain or aerator. These systems add aesthetic value to your space, while also improving water quality.

Bodies of water often become stagnant over time, leading to a lack of oxygen at various levels of the water column. This allows certain nutrients to build up in the water, leading to an increase in algae and odors. At the water column’s deepest levels, oxygen can be so low that the environment becomes anaerobic. This affects fish habitats and food supply. After many years of this, the bottom of a pond will also build up more and more levels of sludge, resulting in shallower water.

When you install a fountain or aerator, the device recirculates oxygen across the various levels of the water column. This ensures that, from top to bottom, your body of water is maintaining a healthy balance, allowing it to thrive as an ecosystem. Algae and odors are all but eliminated making for a much more pleasing environment for visitors.

Aerator fountains combine the virtues of each of these, giving you a way to enhance the look of a water feature while also improving its water quality.

An aerating fountain can also help to reduce the presence of mosquitoes near your water feature. These frustrating insects need still water in order to breed. By continuing to move and circulate water with an aerating fountain, you can reduce the chances of your pond becoming a mosquito breeding ground during the warmer months.

1HP Otterbine fountain with lights and “Tristar” spray pattern installed in Ellicott City, MD. The fountain is anchored and programmed to work based on client’s preferences.

Form and Function

Fountain features bring a ‘best of both worlds’ answer to your pond or lake. With a fountain installation, you get the aeration your water needs to be healthy, along with a unique design feature to add beauty to your property.

Fountains come in a wide range of sizes and designs, releasing water in a variety of patterns. If you are interested in installing a fountain or aerator on your property, contact us today. We can help you find the right size and design for your body of water.

1/2 HP “Fractional Series” Otterbine fountain installed in Monrovia, MD.