Welcome to Atlantic Ponds!

We are specialized in design, construction and maintenance of backyard ponds, water features, and rainwater harvesting systems. We serve Maryland, Washington, DC and northern Virginia. When building a pond we are guided by three objectives:

  • Bring the sight and sound of nature to your backyard and keep you outdoors longer.

  • The pond to be in harmony with the local flora and fauna

  • To increase the value of your home

Design and Construction

Tell us how you envision your backyard pond and water features and we’ll design and build it for you. We can advise you on appropriate plants, fish and stone and can give you ideas for impactful lighting or how to blend it with the rest of your landscape.

We work with premium pond liners, pumps and stone and take pride in the quality and aesthetics of our work. Upon completion of the project most clients share that their backyard ponds and waterfalls look even better than how they envisioned it. At the end of the day your pond is our best asset – most new orders are from neighbors or friends who were awed by it.

We provide Services for All Types of Water Features.

  • Pump and/or Liner Replacement
  • Light Installations
  • Filter Replacement and Cleaning
  • Installing Timers, UV Llights (to control algae)
  • Repairing Leaks
  • Waterfalls, Streams, Fountains and Pond Remodeling

New Ponds Pricing

The approximate pond construction prices in the table below include labor, transportation and materials – stone, liner, underlayment, water pump (Aquascape, Atlantic, Helix, or Savio, depending on need and budget), skimmer filter box, etc. What is not included are fish and aquatic plants but they typically do not affect the price significantly. Adding a stream between the waterfall and the pond costs $80 per foot.

Pond Size

Average Pond Price

Time to Build

4′ x 6′ $6,000 (+/- $500) 4-6 days
7′ x 9′ $7,500 (+/- $500) 5-7 days
11′ x 11′ $11,000 (+/- $1000) 5-7 days
11′ x 16′ $15,500 (+/- $1000) 7-9 days
16′ x 21′ $17,500 (+/- $1500) 9-13 days
26′ x 26′ $22,000 (+/- $3000) up to two weeks

Pond Cleaning

We offer competitive pricing on pond cleaning, renovations and remodeling. Basic pond cleaning starts at $500 and includes filter cleaning, debris and algae removal. Filters and skimmer cleaning only is $200 regardless of the size.

In addition, we can repair lighting and stonework or add new features, water plants and fish (gold or koi).  When scheduling pond cleaning remember that you don’t need to be present (unless you want to) as long as we have access to water and electricity somewhere around the house.

If your home is on well water we take staged approach to refilling it thus not draining the well completely. We recommend cleaning your pond at least once per year in the spring or early summer and adding a net to prevent leaves falling in in the fall.

A typical pond cleaning procedure includes:

  1. removing fish in a fish-safe barrel
  2. removing plants
  3. draining the pond
  4. cleaning the pond from debris and algae
  5. power-washing stonework
  6. cleaning filters, skimmers, pump(s)
  7. refilling the pond and treating the water with de-chlorinator
  8. re-homing fish and plants

The Process

  1. Schedule a free onsite estimate.
  2. Receive your estimate and proposal within 24 hours.
  3. Provide access to the property, access to water and electricity.
  4. Say “Wow!”

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